Current US Postage Rates

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Since the most recent price increase from the US postal service, there has been some confusion about the current postage rates. Here are the new rates, effective May 12, 2008:

o Letter, First Class (1 oz.) 42 cents
o Letter, First Class (2 oz.) 59 cents
o Postcard 27 cents
o Large Envelope (2 oz.) $1.00
o Certified Mail $2.70
o Money Orders (up to $500) $1.05
o International Letter (First Class)
(to Canada and Mexico) (1 oz.) 72 cents
o International Letter (First Class)
(to other countries) (1 oz.) 94 cents

The post office will be offering limited discounts for postage purchased through their Click and Ship service as well as a few other third party methods made popular by online retail sites such as eBay. Sellers on eBay most often use the flat rate Priority Mail services offered by the USPS. For those concerned sellers, as well as other people shipping something more than a letter, here are the current, non-discounted Priority Mail flat rates that went into effect on May 12, 2008:

o Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope $4.80
o Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes $9.80
o Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes (Large) $12.95
(APO/FPO destinations: $10.95)

WebVpnUSPS.Gov – The USPS Express Mail service has switched to a zone-based system, while also still taking into account the weight of the package. This could mean decreased prices for packages mailed to close destinations, but increases for those mailed across great distances, such as New York to Los Angeles. Packages shipped via Express Mail over moderate distances should see little to no change in pricing with the current postage rates. Also, the Express Mail flat rate envelope will still be available for $16.50, and that will not change based on distance or weight. WebVpnUSPS.Gov

International first class mail has switched to shape-based pricing, which means the price depends on the dimensions of the letter you are sending.

WebVpnUSPS.GovThe rate increase is something everyone needs to get used to because on December 20, 2006, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was signed into law, allowing the U.S.P.S to increase postage rates with a notice of 45 days, but only if the proposed increase is within the inflation rate from the previous 12 months. Operating within these guidelines, the USPS plans on an annual increase every May, giving consumers 90 days notice instead of just the required 45.

So if you plan on buying first class postage in bulk, you might want to look into the Forever Stamp offered by the usps. It allows you to pay the current postage rate for first class mail (42 cents now) and the stamp will remain good for a first class 1 oz. letter at any time in the future. That way you do not have to constantly check online to get the current postage rates for a first class letter when all you want to do is mail in your electric bill.WebVpnUSPS.Gov

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How Do USPS Priority Mail Rates Work?

USPS priority mail flat rate boxes can be a shipping marvel to your company. “If it fits it ships”. Anything you can fit into one the USPS priority mail flat rate boxes will ship to anywhere in the country for one flat rate. This only applies to the flat rate boxes, which you can get for free at any Post Office. You can also order them online and have them delivered to your home or business. Flat rate boxes come in three different sizes small medium and large. The medium size has two different shapes to accommodate different shaped products. Oh yeah, and they also have a flat rate envelope that will get to anywhere in the country in 2-3 days.

So the question is how does the Post Office maintain a flat rate regardless of the weight?

WebVpnUSPS.Gov – Priority mail flat rate boxes are rated according to the volume. The Post Office purchases space on a plane and charges for space on their trucks based solely on the volume that the box occupies. As long as the box is less than 70 lbs the rate will not change. You can run into problems if you try to pack too much into the boxes and deform the shape and size.

The space that the Post Office purchases is actually purchased on FedEx airplanes. This is how priority mail can get to almost any location within 2 to 3 days. Using priority mail is the fastest service that isn’t a guaranteed overnight service. Priority mail actually reaches over 90% of the U.S within 2 days. And it will always make it over night within a certain radius of your own Post Office.

Because the Post Office purchases space based on volume it has also opened up new ways to get rates. If you ship using priority mail without using the flat rate boxes your rates will be determined just like U.P.S ground. The first factor that determines the rate is the zone which is based on distance from the origin. The second factor is the weight. The dimensions can also be a determining factor if the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight. But with the specific spaces purchased by the Post Office you can get a pricing structure base on the volume of your packages. WebVpnUSPS.Gov

This is a fairly new concept and is not beneficial to every shipper or shipment. The real advantage will come with any package that has a volume less than one cubic foot. Cubic pricing tiers are based on volume and zones. To use this tier the packages must be less than 20 lbs.

WebVpnUSPS.Gov – If you ship packages that meet this volume requirement you can get a special pricing tier. Depending on the exact volume and which zone you are shipping to any packages less than 10 lbs should give you a better rate than UPS or FedEx ground. Depending on your discount with UPS or FedEx it is actually possible to save money shipping with USPS priority mail up to 20 lbs. And it is faster service.

WebVpnUSPS.Gov – If you are interested in Priority mail services including priority mail flat rate boxes visit your local Post Office. Or you could go to to order a free starter kit. Conduct an in depth analysis of your current rates compared to priority mail to discover when and where to use priority mail services. Or contact a shipping consultant to have them help you to do this analysis.WebVpnUSPS.Gov is the best available solution to find USPS discounts on all priority and express mail. This includes flat rate boxes and all other USPS priority and express mail services.

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WebVpn.USPS.Gov – How Is Geocoding Done?

WebVpn.USPS.Gov  - Have you heard of the word “geocoding”? If this is the first time, here is a quick overview. Geocoding is the process of looking for associated geographic coordinates – usually expressed as latitude and longitude – from contact information such as street addresses and zip code or postal codes.

Geographic coordinates can be embedded into media like digital photos through geotagging, or done by mapping and entering the features into geographic information systems (GIS). On the other hand, reverse geocoding is looking for a textual, contact location (such as a street address) from geographical coordinates.WebVpn.USPS.Gov

Geocoding can be done simply through address interpolation, which uses data from a street GIS where the street network is already inputted within the geographic coordinate space. Attributed in each street segment are address ranges, such as house numbers from one segment to another. Here is what geocoding does: (1) It takes an address, (2) matches it to a street and particular segment (e.g. a block), and (3) interpolates the address position.WebVpn.USPS.Gov

However, issues may arise in the geocoding process. What happens is that you have to distinguish between ambiguous addresses (say, “43 Hampton Drive” and “43E Hampton Drive”). It’s also a challenge when you geocode new addresses for a street that is not yet added to the GIS database. Using interpolation also entails a number of caveats, including the fact that it assumes that the parcels are evenly spaced along the length of the segment. This is quite unlikely in reality – it can be that a geocode address is off by a number of thousand feet. A more sophisticated geocoding application will match geocode information to the property level, using such tools as U.S.P.S address data, and cascade out to block, track or other levels depending on data matching accuracy. WebVpnUSPS.Gov

Other means of geocoding involves locating a point at the center of a land parcel, if parcel or property data is available in the GIS database. GPS is also useful for mapping a location in rural places areas or locations that lack reliable street network data and addressing. As for traffic accidents, it is appropriate to geocode to a street intersection or midpoint along a centerline on a street. Combining different geocoding techniques is also useful for certain situations.WebVpn.USPS.Gov  -

WebVpn.USPS.Gov - It’s  recommended to choose the most versatile geocoding tool. Address geocoding, for instance, can be used to determine latitude/longitude values with cascading accuracy, from the advanced tools, get reverse location by translating latitude and longitude information to find street addresses, and append FIPS state codes (FIPS 5-2) and FIPS county codes (FIPS 6-4) to street addresses, to mention a few. Address geocoding is a must for increasing the efficiency of shipping, tracking, regional store recommendation, customer distribution analysis, and mailing efforts in important matters, along with being a great way to pinpoint everyone in your contact list for personalized and targeted messaging.WebVpn.USPS.Gov

Peggy Meeks is a student and self-taught website developer. She is also a tech blogger & Internet researcher. At the moment she is fascinated by geocoding and similar web services.WebVpn.USPS.Gov

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USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking – The USPS or the US Postal Service is an independent government agency provided by the American government to provide all communities with postal services which are prompt, reliable, and efficient. Another purpose that this agency is created is to provide universal postal service at very affordable prices.

The United States Postal Service is able to ship your mail and packages to any part of the world. There are varied types of mail delivery. You can choose to use either regular or priority mail delivery. Priority international mails can be delivered to over 190 countries around the globe. These international priority mails can be delivered within six to ten working days.USPS Tracking

For priority international packages, the sender can track their deliveries online. However, this online feature is not available for flat rate envelopes and small flat rate boxes. Bulk mails cannot be tracked by the USPS unless there is additional payment provided for the extra service. WebVpnUSPS.Gov

-The USPS does not only send mails of ordinary American citizens. They significantly send mail from military personnel to their loved ones. Since there are many military men and women serving outside the U.S, providing them with the USPS is a great way of communicating with their families whom they have left. Many military people are not paying for any standard mail that they send back to the United States.WebVpn.USPS.Gov

USPS Tracking – To track your mails, you can log on to the official USPS website. When you reach the web site, you will find a red link labeled “Track & Confirm”. You can click this at the top of the page. Then, you are asked to enter the label or receipt number for the package you are tracking. Then you can click on the “Go” button. The delivery status of your package will be shown. However, in certain circumstances, delivery information may not be available for some destinations.

WebVpn.USPS.Gov – It is necessary that the mailbox you are going to buy has met the standards of U.S Postal Service otherwise your mail delivery will be canceled. If you want to know more about USPS approved mailboxes and posts you can check out this site mailboxes for sale. and WebVpn.USPS.Gov

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